We are Dee and Ronnie Ross and we live with our family near Hillsborough in Co. Down, Northern Ireland. We are not naturally people who feel particularly comfortable talking about who we are but we do wear our artistic influences on our sleeves. You may be able to guess some of them by our style and also the names we give our artworks.

We strongly believe it is not the camera that makes an emotive photograph but the eyes of the artist behind the lens. We are not photographic purists but rather artists who use the tools that are available to realise our artistic vision.

We have only one life and it is what we make of it...this is a view of our journey, the people we meet and the places we've been. We hope you appreciate our art...but we won't be upset if it's not for you. The beauty of art is that we are all different and it is those differences that give us a glimpse into the person behind the lens.