The Story Behind The Picture

Excuse the pun, but picture this:

It was a cold, crisp winter’s morning. The mist was low over Belfast and a frost was clinging stubbornly to every outdoor surface. It was a perfect morning for ‘A Walk in the Park’.

Christmas Eve 2005, a baby girl’s first Christmas. We were, as you can image, more excited than our Erin. We had not touched the camera for 10 months except to take pictures of our beautiful daughter. We looked out of the window and decided it was time to re-ignite our passion for De-aRt.

We walked, we talked and we took pictures of anything and everything just because we hadn’t for such a long time. We were out for so long that Erin finally got fed up and fell asleep. Nika, our beloved German Shepherd, had been walked so much that every time we stopped she lay down & looked longingly at us, listening for that phrase ‘Let’s go home pup’. Finally we decided to call it a day. The mist had lifted slightly and the cold was biting at our fingers and toes. Erin would soon waken, looking for something to eat. It was then that Dee spotted the walker; it was perfect but for a cyclist heading towards our man. All she could do was pray that he would get out of the picture before our man reached the perfect spot in the frame. It was a tense moment or two as she waited poised to take the picture, holding her breath, praying that her numb fingers would not cause her to lose the composition. But it was to be a moment that was worth waiting for as all the elements fell into place as Dee took the picture.

To Nika’s relief, we headed home and Ron processed the image. We could hardly believe our eyes. What an image! We began to study it and think about our man. Who was he? Where had he come from? Was he running away from anything? Or heading towards a new adventure? What is his story? And what would he think if he ever knew how popular his silhouette would become?

We love the depth of this picture. It’s a moment in someone’s life and we think it’s magical and ethereal. We have been told that this image “speaks” to the viewer, that it has its own narrative. It’s a story to be told and we know everyone will see their own unique one.